Wednesday, 18 September 2013

India, undoubtedly, is a place of fantasy and fascination. Its beauty and culture will leave you spellbound. Luxury holiday in India to hot spots like Rajasthan, Delhi and Agra can be an enticing way to explore the history and diversity of the country. But there are a few things which foreign tourists must keep in mind while touring India:

- Firstly, you should always make sure to take care of yourself. India is a very friendly country and the locals out here are warm, affable and hospitable. But where there are many lambs, there is bound to be a wolf. So, there are criminals of varying magnitudes spread all over the nation. As a tourist, you must not blindly trust a stranger. Also, never stray out to unknown places all by yourself especially if the region is a secluded one. You should also take ample care of your luggage and belongings. The woman travelers must also keep an eye out for a potential stalker.

- For hassle-free luxury holidays of India, it is best to travel according to your comfort factor. If you hail from a cold climate and cannot endure searing temperatures, then do not make plan for an India trip during the summer. In case you do, stick to cooler climes of mountains or seaside destinations.

- Take guided assistance of professional tour operators. In an era when corruption and crime have touched the sky, it is always a safe decision to be escorted through professional travel services so that you can stay in trusted hotels and can roam about without any shred of anxiety.


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