Monday, 16 September 2013

If a nationwide survey is taken and the potential honeymooners are questioned about their most desirable Indian holiday destination, then the highest votes shall surely go to Goa. Goa has been the traffic-puller and the most anticipated beach destination in the country. With its huge collection of beaches, it can give you the kind of honeymoon you never may have thought existed. Luxury tour to India  to Goa helps you to stay in the top resorts and walk hand-in-hand on the beaches, snuggling sporadically at the cozy restaurants and gulping down huge slices of pastries along with steaming coffee at the cafĂ©.

Luxury India tours help you to play yourself till you run out of money at the royal casino and to witness the flow of the river on a Mandovi Cruise ride. Goa has almost every kind of pleasure you could ask for. Its beaches are foamy seas hitting the shores hard, creating huge waves and leaving ripples of excitement in your ribs. Goa is a hot spot for sports like snorkeling, parasailing, banana boating, ski boating and scuba diving.

India luxury tours to Goa are also including wildlife trips these days. So, the Goa’s wildlife reserves can be explored in their full bounty. Goa also has a deluge of churches with the Basilica of Bom Jesus topping the popularity charts for its sanctity and history. Dudhsagar Falls is another worthy attraction and the flea markets, like the Anjuna Flea Market, simply give a whole new dimension to your luxury India tours.


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