Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Luxury India holidays can be extremely memorable for many great reasons. But sometimes, you may also need to be prepared for some undesirable situations like a national strike or ‘bandh’ which is occasionally called by the ruling or the opposing political party as a mark of protest on the face of some national crisis.

During the ‘bandh’ day, the communication/ transport system comes to a standstill or slows down drastically. Most of the vehicles are off the roads for fear of vandalism and so the streets wear a dreary and empty look. So, if you were planning a sightseeing expedition on that day, then you will have to put your plans to rest.

Traveling or sightseeing during that day will not be advisable. Even if you own a private vehicle or have a similar arrangement, it will not be recommended to travel, since vandals often create troubles if they spot cars on the roads. The best thing to do during the day will be to lock yourself in your hotel room and enjoy a long siesta. Alternatively, you can enjoy the facilities in your hotel.

India luxury holiday packages often put you in posh hotels, many of which have great restaurants, pools, gyms, libraries and spa parlors. You can indulge in self-grooming, rest and relaxation during the day.

If the bandh is a 12-hour strike, then it will get over by 6 pm. After that, the situation resumes normalcy and you can fearlessly go out to the markets, malls or other evening attractions like pubs, clubs, movies, bars or discos.


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