Wednesday, 13 August 2014

If your heart is in search of a place where it can sing to the tune of nature and craft its own desolate soliloquies, Kerala is the place you should direct your feet towards. The south Indian state that overlooks the Indian Ocean is an unbelievable blend of waters and forests, creatures and culture, food and fun. Included undoubtedly in most luxury Indian travel packages and in the best luxury India tour packages, the state is relentless in its beauty and invincible in its charm.

Best known for its backwaters and hills, Kerala also delights you with its strong hint of wildlife and a delicious spread of spice and tea plantations. The destinations one simply cannot miss are Alleppey, Munnar and Cochin. Thekkady is also for you especially if you are interested in wildlife and would like to set up a close encounter with the Indian elephant. 

Those who go to Kerala on a honeymoon and even those who go on a simple pleasure-seeking holiday make sure to take a ride on a houseboat. The mushy couples can magnify their romance quotient by enjoying an overnight stay or even a week-long stay on a luxury houseboat which is decked with all amenities and appears no less grand than a posh hotel. 
Kerala’s beaches are equally amorous though for some strange reason they are less talked about. Cochin has a landmark (Fort Kochi) whose breathtaking beauty towards the dusk is a sight one cannot forget even in seven lifetimes. 

With luxury India holidays, one can spend as many days as they want in this beautiful canvas created by God. Isn’t it fitting that Kerala is called “God’s Own Country”


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