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The rangolis are often made ​​on the ground in yards or before the doorsteps. You will find them particularly in the (many) festivals of India, and are meant to protect the family and bring good luck.

The designs can be small or very intricate. They vary depending on location and the States where they are designed and are often made ​​by women.

Rangolis have different names from the area of origin:

Chhattisgarh –>Chaookpurna
Rajasthan –> Mandana
Bihar –> Aripan
Bengal & Maharashtra –> Alpana
Karnataka –> Rangavalli
Tamil Nadu –> Kolam
Andhra Pradesh –> Muggulu
Kumaon –> Alikhthap
Kerala –> Kalam
Gujarat –> Saathiya

 The patterns are usually made on the ground in the middle of yards, to the bearings in the common areas or in the corners. Sometimes rangolis are now used in the middle of the hotel to decorate in an unusual and funny way.

The pattern varies and most of them are inspired by natural elements, but it can also be abstract figures. Symbols, or Utswdhermita are signs auspicious in Indian culture: flower and lotus leaves, mango, fish, different birds like the peacock, swan, parrot there are also human figures. For the festival of Diwali, there are also many gods Ganesha and Lakshmi.

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